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Who is Biodiversity BC?

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Marvin Beatty

"Wild Salmon Spawn Season"
In the Adams River, South BC.

December 2009 Hibernation Plan

The members of the BBC Steering Committee approved a Hibernation Plan at their December 2009 meeting that includes the establishment of an ad hoc committee of caretakers who will meet periodically to discuss issues and opportunities related to the mandate of BBC and determine if and when there is a suitable opportunity to reactivate the organization. The details of this plan are outlined below.

Mandate and Mission

BBC's stated mandate and mission is not expected to change during hibernation.

BBC Vision British Columbia is a spectacular place with healthy, natural and diverse ecosystems that sustain and enrich the lives of all.

BBC Goals 1) conservation action, 2) education and awareness and 3) enabling conservation action through tools and incentives


BBC Documents and Products

In order of publication release:

· Taking Nature's Pulse, The Status of Biodiversity in British Columbia (released July 2008)

· Ecological Concepts, Principles and Applications to Conservation (released July 2008)

· Taking Nature's Pulse Summary Report (released July 2008)

· The Biodiversity Atlas of British Columbia (released May 2009)

· Staying the Course, Staying Alive. Coastal First Nations Fundamental Truths: Biodiversity, Stewardship and Sustainability (released January 2010)

· Poster: BC's Natural Treasure: Will it Still be Here for Your Children? (released January 2010)

All of these reports are available either in print, on a DVD and/or on the BBC website.  BBC continues to distribute printed copies of the reports and the DVD compilation to a target audience of interested stakeholders.

The Poster will be distributed through many of the the former BBC Steering Committee partners. 

To find out how you can get a copy of one of our products contact us at 

Ad Hoc Caretaker Committee

One of the key requirements for the BBC hibernation plan is the establishment of an informal committee of committed "caretakers" who will meet periodically to discuss issues/opportunities related to the mandate of BBC and determine if and when there is a suitable opportunity to reactivate the organization. This group would also review issues related to the website, Hectares BC and report distribution.

The following individuals have indicated their personal willingness to meet periodically and discuss issues/opportunities:

Marian Adair, Jim Walker, Janet Fontaine, Dan Buffett, Andrew Harcombe, Bob Peart, Jim Shinkewski, Liz Stanlake, Jan Kirkby, Tamsin Baker, and Frank Brown.

Note: These former BBC SC members are volunteering their time and do not represent their employers.

Science Expert Network

BBC's unique strength was its ability to bring together credible science experts in BC and internationally to complete a highly complex assessment of the condition of biodiversity in British Columbia. Science workshops and broad-based document reviews were undertaken to solicit input from regional, federal and international biodiversity experts and biologists.

The provision of independent science expertise has also been cited as a cornerstone of a re-activated BBC. During hibernation, there will be no formal connection with science experts, as there is no budget or staff commitment from the partner organizations for this to be undertaken. Many from the BBC science community remain committed to the goals of BBC and have offered their assistance during hibernation.  When there is a plan to reactive BBC, establishing a formal connection with the science community, as well as with experts in eduction, process design and polling will be a priority. 

BBC Website

The BBC Website will be maintained for two years from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011.  All of BBC's documents can be downloaded at no cost from the website. 

DVDs and other products can be ordered by contacting Janet at