Biodiversity BC - Conserving the Variety of Life

Who is Biodiversity BC?

Photo Credit:
Marvin Beatty

"Wild Salmon Spawn Season"
In the Adams River, South BC.

Status of the Partnership January 2010

Biodiversity BC (BBC) was formed in 2005 as a partnership of governments and non government organizations to develop and facilitate the implementation of a science-based biodiversity strategy for British Columbia. In December 2009 the funding for this initiative ended.

BBC worked as an independent committee of the BC Conservation Lands Forum which was established as the sole delivery agent for the BC Trust for Public Lands (BCTPL); a 5 year pay down trust established by the provincial government to improve biodiversity conservation in British Columbia and more efficient acquisition and management of private lands with unique ecological values. In December 2009 the funding from the BCTPL was paid out. 

Biodiversity BC was a unique partnership which accomplished a great deal. A main achievement of BBC was the production of the science foundation documents including the milestone report "Taking Natures Pulse: The Status of Biodiversity in British Columbia" (TNP) which provide the basis for taking action. Follow up and continuity is needed to ensure that TNP's message remains alive. The job will not be complete until tools and processes are in place to address the twenty three major findings in TNP.

As individuals, the former members of the BBC Steering Committee are committed to keeping the initiative viable until a more favourable economic and political climate allows it to pick up where it left off. Many of BBC's former partner organizations remain committed to keeping BBC's legacy of products and relationships alive.

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